Lawn Care

Professional grass cutting services for your home so you don’t have to work on your time away from work.


Design and build the perfect environment to enjoy your property while increasing it’s value.

Snow Removal

Our residential snow removal service ensures that you will never have to shovel snow again!


Professional and hassle free maintenance for your property from summer to winter to meet all your needs.

Garden Bed Restorations

Your expensive property came with an outside; let us enhance your ownership or rental experience by transforming your yard into a usable living space. We all focus on renovating the kitchen or finishing the basement, forgetting about the outdoor living room. We can make your backyard an area you will be proud to spend time in, alone or when entertaining.

Interlock Repair

Most interlock patios and driveways look great when they’re installed but within a few years problems can start to peak through. Whether you parked a heavy truck on your driveway, or the patio wasn’t correctly installed, we can fix it for you! We also specialize in fixing retaining walls and stairs.

We begin our repairs by removing the affected areas and re-tamping the foundation to create a stronger base. We then add new aggregate to create a level surface with the rest of the area and replace the pavers once they have been cleaned. The last step is to install fresh polymeric sand, and just like that your patio or driveway will look like new!

Revitalize your property this season!